A torn side

there’s nothing remain
just a cry that melt into the million pieces

perhaps, I had not realized
of dots which hope this leaves room

the angles at the poles were
still faithful to provide a gap in the sheets of longing

the color was so compelling
so abstract in the end

a voice hello, never have I ever grateful?

cigarette smoke was so dense when clotted
Could we give a gap in the streets?

cigarettes never lied about its form
that the world is not about complexity
it’s about simplicity and simpleness

in the end, wars left only the pains
it never gave the impression

straight line bent ever a few degrees
Could I balance it?

Mom, your son greeted in the dim night
I almost touched its depth
but the road was getting steeper at the end of the footing

I caught up again
bless me so that it no longer curved

but finally
I believe
that the world is not too obvious

these eyes are reburning

there are only smiles here
nothing else

Kebayoran Lama, 01.00 pm 15 April 2010


2 Responses to A torn side

  1. Suratman Achmad berkata:

    knapa G’ disentuh aja…???

  2. muhamadmuiz berkata:

    beberapa hal pernah aku coba sentuh. tapi nihil.

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